What does your freedom mean to you? Can you imagine living with limited physical, mental, social and/or emotional abilities? How would a disability impact
your quality of life? The ability to walk in the woods on a crisp fall day or even to the mailbox, holding a conversation with a loved one or just asking for a glass of water provide us the freedoms most take for granted, but for people like Jeff Buyer, these simple tasks can be major challenges to overcome.

For the past ten years, the Therapeutic Riding Equestrian Center (TREC) has been the Buyer family's place to learn, explore, overcome major challenges and just plain have fun. TREC is an integral part of Erie's special needs community, helping children and adults reach a higher level of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being through safe equine assisted activities.


At the age of one, Jeff was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and experienced gross motor deficits, including motor planning. Jeff started riding at TREC at the age of thirteen and has overcome many challenges through the therapy and social interaction he experienced there. Initially, he had an overwhelming fear of horses, difficulty following verbal directions and developmental delays in language and social skills. Jeff's mother, Jane Buyer believes, "The love and respect of the child for the horse and vice-versa cannot be replicated by any other type of therapy." Today, at age 23 Jeff rides regularly at TREC and his improved confidence, social and motor skills enable him to regularly volunteer in the therapeutic riding programs at TREC, helping others achieve a new level of freedom as well. Jeff knows the value of TREC!


Jeff's story is one of many like it. Children and adults like Jeff are why TREC exists. Many have achieved and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles because of people like you who through generous donations enable TREC to release the "power of the horse to heal." Your generosity helps ensure that quality equine assisted therapy programs are available for children and adults with special needs in our region.


Please consider giving a donation to TREC by mailing a check or by using our online form below. Your donation will come at a crucial time, as TREC is planning to move forward with a new program for Veterans. Throughout the country, hundreds of Veterans are benefiting from horse related activities. On target to begin this coming spring, we are still in need of some extra equipment as well as scholarship monies for our "Wounded Warriors." Your donations will also enable us to continue to offer the services that our current clients have enjoyed for many years without having to increase fees. Critical cuts in social services are continuing to affect our local special needs population, but your generous contribution will enable TREC to remain committed to providing quality equine-assisted activities to enhance their physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.
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